What's ETA on my order?

Standard shipping deliveries take 3-6 business days from the date of dispatch. Express shipping offers next business day delivery (for an additional fee).

Does someone need to sign for the order; or can you leave it somewhere?

Your signature is not required on delivery; your parcel will be dropped off at your door & if you are not home, your parcel will be left somewhere safe.

Do you ship Internationally?

We currently do not ship internationally. Subscribe to stay updated on any upcoming announcements on International shipping.

My order arrived damaged, What do I do?

We are sorry to hear this - please send us all photos of the damaged product/s and get in touch with our team as soon as you can on cheers@happyhourcocktailsco.com.

I didn’t get my cocktail box. What should I do?

You should have received parcel tracking information from Sendle who deliver all our cocktail boxes. The best thing is to track your parcel here using the tracking number via your email link or to get in contact with them directly. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any issues contacting them.

We are a team of cocktail lovers who've discovered a new way to offer the same quality of cocktails you'll find at your favourite cocktail bar minus the mess, hassle & skillset required. All the hard work is done for you so you can spend more time living your best life. Our cocktails are designed to be enjoyed anyhow, anywhere, anytime.

What do I need to get started?

Just need glasses, ice & garnishes of your choice.

Is any bar equipment necessary to make the cocktails?

For our Espresso Martini, you would require a cobbler shaker to shake up the cocktail with ice for the best taste & presentation. For our other cocktails, no bar equipment is needed ; just add ice & enjoy. You can always pour your cocktail in a cocktail shaker or mixing glass if you want the full experience of being your own bartender.

How many cocktails do the bottles contain?

The 500ml has 5 serves and our 100ml pour is a single serve.

Are your cocktails vegan? Are they gluten-free?

Yes, all our cocktails are vegan and contain no gluten, including our whisky-based cocktails.

How much alcohol are in the cocktails?

Each serve, perfectly measured to match quality cocktails at your favourite cocktail bar, contains 1.5 to 2.3 standard drinks.

Do you have any non-alcoholic cocktails? Low calorie cocktails?

Unfortunately, we do not batch any low alcoholic/non-alcoholic cocktails at the moment. To stay updated on zero ABV/low calorie cocktails, please subscribe to our newsletter.

What is the shelf life/fridge life of the cocktails?

We recommend that you refrigerate the cocktails once you receive your order. Our cocktails keep well for 2.5-6 months unopened. More information on each cocktail's shelf life on the individual product's page. Once opened, best consumed within 5-7 days.
It is ok to keep in freezer for a quick chill but do not leave in freezer overnight. The contents will freeze over time.