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Elevate your ice game with our Premium Ice Makers that produce extra large, crystal clear ice cubes! Their size alone results in a much slower melting time, allowing you to enjoy your favourite Happy Hour Cocktail nice and chilled, without the risk of diluting the flavours too quickly.

To get the perfect crystal clear ice cube, do not exceed 30 hours of freezing time in the mould (freezing time is 24-30 hours).

Made from BPA-Free Silicone; they are non-toxic and odourless.

2 XL ice cubes made at a time with each mould.

Ice Cube diameter: 61mm

Choose between a Round, Cubed, Skull or Diamond Ice Mould.

Receive a FREE ice storage bag with every Premium Ice Mould purchase!


1. Place the plastic water storage box into the insulated foam case and fill with water to the bottom of the fill line (about 2" from the top).

2. Assemble the silicone mould and slowly lower it all the way into the water storage box filled with water. Water should overflow into the area above the fill holes. Top up if necessary.

3. Place upright in freezer for 24-30 hours.
NOTE: To ensure you get crystal clear ice, do not exceed 30 hours of freezing time.

4. Remove from freezer and peel out mould by pulling on both handles on one of the ends.

5. Separate the two mould halves and serve or store it in the storage bag for later.