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Our very own delicious creation Winters Passion allows you to be transported into a tropical paradise without leaving your couch! With warm vanilla notes and fresh tropical flavours of passionfruit & pineapple, simply serve over ice, sit back and daydream! It’s like being at an exotic island without any of the risks involved in travelling these days. Enjoy! 

Crafted with Vanilla Vodka, pineapple & passionfruit-infused sugar & lemon.


1. Give your Winter’s Passion bottle a good shake for 5-10 seconds
2. Pour 100ml into a rocks glass over ice
3. Garnish with a fresh pineapple wedge.


Vanilla vodka, hazelnut liqueur, pineapple syrup, passionfruit syrup, natural lemon flavouring, citric solution, purified water.

Best served chilled. Keep refrigerated. Best consumed within 7 days of opening.

Available in 500ml & 100ml | ALC 18.5%
Standard Drinks 500ml: 7.1 | 100ml: 1.4
Calories per Serve: 305